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Julisa Haines 


Welcome to the Julisa Haines Photography experience!

I am so excited to get to meet you and to get to know you! Unitl that time, here are some things about me! I do not start my day before I have a yummy cup of coffee and time with Jesus. He is my favorite person ever! I have been married to my crush, my bearded wonder for 22 years, he is my second favorite person ever ;) I have 3 Amazing children, they are by far my great accomplishments. I am G Mom to 3 rowdy, CUTE g-kids... LOVE THEM!!! They are my partners in crime! I love being barefoot but don't like feet (unless I gave birth to you or am married to you).


The 80's was the best era, yes I was alive at that time and I say that proudly! Sixteen Candles, hands down, Awesome, if you haven't seen it.... you better! I have a legit fear of flying, my husband is a pilot and owns his own plane and takes me up for therapy so we are working on! I cannot wait to hear all the wonderful things about you. This is our 4th year specializing in senior photography and we LOVE the energy you bring to our passion! You are the milk to our cookies! It is going to be a wild ride, so happy you chose us!

SO sit back and have fun! 

xoxo - Julisa

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