Introducing Julisa Haines of Julisa Haines Photography

Things I love.


-My hubby of 20 years. I still have a crush on him but don’t tell him that.

-My three children, even though my youngest is 17, they will always be my babies, and my adorable grandson!

-Hot tamales, (the candy not the Mexican dish, but I love those too) they get me through long days of editing.

-People, yes I do LOVE people.

-Talking, I love to talk and I enjoy listening to others stories.


-COFFEE, I must have coffee!!!

-Dogs, I have four.

-Being outside.

-Food, I do love food.

-Boots, you can never have enough CUTE boots!

-Bath and Body works wallflowers, the fall scents. They have to be the fall scents.


-FOOTBALL, I cannot forget FOOTBALL! Love football season!

-Last but not least Friday Night Lights, the t.v. series. Best Netflix binger ever!

That’s me, now I want to get to know you!

When you book a session with Julisa at Julisa Haines Photography, you will receive a dedicated, expert photographer that is looking to create a memory for you that you will never forget. It’s our privilege to capture who you are at this moment: your dreams, your passions, and your personal style. With our experience and your star quality, together, we will create images that you will cherish forever. Your professional portraits will remind you in years to come of who you were right now- the hope and excitement of this special time in your life, the unique style that defines you. You’re unforgettable, and with our help, this pivotal time in your life will be too.

In The Press

Julisa’s unique style, creative visions, and final productions have been recognized on a national level on many different platforms from professional blogs to printed magazines. Her work has been featured and named “weekly favorites” by The Snap Society, Beyond the Wanderlust, Seniorology, Lemonade and Lenses, and Modern Teen Style just to name a few. You can also read the article “How to Prepare for your Senior Session,” written by Julisa herself and published in Behind the Shutter Magazine, March 2015 edition. Many of Julisa’s images have also been featured and published in Beyond the Wanderlust Magazine, November 2014 edition and January 2015 edition as well. Her latest printed feature was in the 2015 Posebook, published by Denim and Grace. If you would like a closer look at Julisa’s published work, click the links below.

Beyond the Wanderlust: Novemeber 2014, January 2015

Behind the Shutter Magazine: March 2015 edition

Denim and Grace: 2015 Posebook